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NCAA Wednesday (August 26) Predictions by _celestial
August 26, 2009, 1:29 pm
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Someone’s birthday is today. EHEM. But we should all get back to work after a lazy tuesday. Shall we?

San Beda and JRU, two teams who have since trailed behind San Sebastian’s flawless records, try to come withing striking distance as they square off against hopefuls Emilio Aguinaldo College and St. Benilde, who both are in a threat of early elimination as the competion starts to heat up.

The Lions shoot for their eight straight win, nine overall, at 4pm today after suffering their lone loss over the Stags. The Bombers, on the other hand, aim to bolster their bid later at two, after a busy nine-day lay off.

The Blazers, meanwhile, have to whip past all of their remaining assigments to atleast get a shot at the coveted final four spot.


CSB-Blazers versus 125px-JRU_Heavy_Bombers_logo

The Sports Minded: JRU by eight points.

The Blazers mgith give the Bombers a bit of a test but the kalentong based squad wants to gain momentum going into the final four.

KC13: JRU by six points.

Their ain’t going to be stompin’ later (pardon my twang, lol), but the Bombers will likely prevail over the Blazers.

On Point: JRU by nine points.

If Marc Cagoco doesn’t shoot too much more that the stats can count, JRU is at its best. the bombers must take their time on offense to better utilize their good half court game.

san beda red lions image courtesy of kenneth pangilinanversus pr_1249312058_EACGeneralslogo

The Sports Minded: San Beda by 12 points.

All the Generals can do is give a decent fight maybe up to the third by Beda will be just due for another blow out game.

KC13: San Beda by 10 points.

Sudan Daniels will definitely make his presence known in this game, alright.

On Point: San Beda by 13 points.

San Beda’s gameplan must start with their big man. Once they score down low, open outside shots will follow and that’s all she wrote.


NCAA Wednesday (August 19) predictions by _celestial
August 19, 2009, 2:15 am
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After missing two game days and letting my two men colleagues run the show here at Triangle Offense. I’m back! And so are the games after a seemingly quiet day today in college hoops. (But it’s an entirely different story when its comes to the post-FIBA debacle dialouges. Trust me.)

The NCAA games tomorrow will feature two teams who are raring to catapult themselves higher in the standings at the expense of two others who are battling for survival, all in the search for the elite four slots.

The Letran Knights and Arellano Chiefs, both lodged at fourth place with a 5-4 ledger, hope to retain their ground as they take on the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals (2-7) and the St. Benilde Blazers (4-5), respectively, who are also trying to start off their potentially-gruelling campaign on a winning note.


125px-Knightslogoversuspr_1249312058_EACGeneralslogo (2pm)

The Sports Minded: Letran by 10 points.

The second round is the time for the Knights show their worth. They should start with this game.

KC13: Letran by 10 points.

After a triple-overtime thriller the last time, expect this game to be a stark contrast. As the going gets tough in the second round, Letran will get going. They need it.

On Point: Letran by 10 points.

With the Chiefs eclipsing them at the fourth spot, don’t expect the Knights to lose this one. Their vets will step up especially RJ “Tyson Sy” Jazul.

pr_1249311895_ArellanoChiefslogo versus CSB-Blazers (4pm)

The Sports Minded: Arellano by three points.

Now this I think is a nail biter. It’s a matter of who can play under pressure.

KC13: Arellano by single digits.

Both teams will go neck-and-neck for this much needed win. Arellano will prevail because they have to stay afloat.

On Point: Arellano by eight points.

Every game for Arellano will now be a must win as it tries to stay seated beside Letran at the fourth spot. Like the Knights, they just won’t let this game slip away. ‘Little Chief,’ make me proud!