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San Sebastian, San Beda outduel foes; UAAP Saturday (August 22) Predictions by _celestial
August 22, 2009, 12:20 am
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San Sebastian zoomed to its 11th straight win while San Beda busted out of a slow start to notch the hardfought W in the NCAA games today.

The Stags, led by Jimbo Aquino’s 18-point peformance, remain at helm after they dealt another sorry defeat to the Perpetual Help Altas 80-70, following the 76-54 drubbing last July 23. Carl Abueva added 16 for San Sebastian.

The Lions, meanwhile, remain in close second behind San Sebastian after trouncing the Mapua Cardinals, 84-75. Thanks to Pascual’s stellar second half performance, finishing with 19 points.

On to tomorrow’s UAAP game predictions.

NU_Bulldogs_logoversus 125px-AdamsonFalcons

The Sports Minded: Adamson by seven points.

Falcons will bounce back this time against the Bulldogs. No upset this time around.

KC13: NU by five points.

It’s hard to predict when you know both teams are trying so hard to stay afloat especially in this crucial part of the season. Knowing that both teams have the capability to explode, it will definitely boil down to who excecutes their plays well.

On Point: Adamson by six points.

Falcons over Bulldogs especially when Adamson just came from a big win over La Salle while NU continues to struggle.

post-18-1090300055versus greenarchers

The Sports Minded: La Salle by eight points.

This is tough, three straight defeat for Franz and the gang but UP is a capable opponent. Pumaren won’t lose four in a row. If La Salle lose this one, they can kiss the final four goodbye.

KC13: La Salle by 10 points.

La Salle needs toughen up on the defensive end knowing how capable UP is, especially its shooters. The Archers desperately need to win this one to stay in contention, and something tells me Coach Franz Pumaren will not allow the boys to just lose it like that—not on his watch.

On Point: UP by five points.

Don’t hate on me when I say UP will win over DLSU this time around, Why? ’cause the Archers are just off-target as of late; they play inconsistent basketball. Meanwhile, the Maroons have the guns to fire off an upset. They are pesky on defense and streaky on offense, their big problem though, is turnovers, silly TO’s. You can limit turnovers but never inconsistency– it’s a disease.


NCAA Wednesday (August 19) predictions by _celestial
August 19, 2009, 2:15 am
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After missing two game days and letting my two men colleagues run the show here at Triangle Offense. I’m back! And so are the games after a seemingly quiet day today in college hoops. (But it’s an entirely different story when its comes to the post-FIBA debacle dialouges. Trust me.)

The NCAA games tomorrow will feature two teams who are raring to catapult themselves higher in the standings at the expense of two others who are battling for survival, all in the search for the elite four slots.

The Letran Knights and Arellano Chiefs, both lodged at fourth place with a 5-4 ledger, hope to retain their ground as they take on the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals (2-7) and the St. Benilde Blazers (4-5), respectively, who are also trying to start off their potentially-gruelling campaign on a winning note.


125px-Knightslogoversuspr_1249312058_EACGeneralslogo (2pm)

The Sports Minded: Letran by 10 points.

The second round is the time for the Knights show their worth. They should start with this game.

KC13: Letran by 10 points.

After a triple-overtime thriller the last time, expect this game to be a stark contrast. As the going gets tough in the second round, Letran will get going. They need it.

On Point: Letran by 10 points.

With the Chiefs eclipsing them at the fourth spot, don’t expect the Knights to lose this one. Their vets will step up especially RJ “Tyson Sy” Jazul.

pr_1249311895_ArellanoChiefslogo versus CSB-Blazers (4pm)

The Sports Minded: Arellano by three points.

Now this I think is a nail biter. It’s a matter of who can play under pressure.

KC13: Arellano by single digits.

Both teams will go neck-and-neck for this much needed win. Arellano will prevail because they have to stay afloat.

On Point: Arellano by eight points.

Every game for Arellano will now be a must win as it tries to stay seated beside Letran at the fourth spot. Like the Knights, they just won’t let this game slip away. ‘Little Chief,’ make me proud!

NCAA Monday (August 17) Predictions by On Point
August 17, 2009, 12:55 am
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The still-unbeaten San Sebastian Stags at 10-0, will try not to take the last-place Angeles University Foundation lightly when their game tip-off at 2pm, while last year’s finalist Jose Rizal U looks to avoid back-to-back setbacks when they face Perpetual Help in the main event at 4pm.

San Sebastian Stags versus Angeles University Foundation Great Danes

The Sports Minded: Baste by nine points

Another day at the office for Jimbo and company.

KC13: Baste by double digits

too talented to lose against the struggling Angeles squad. Baste will roll to their 10th win in a row.

On Point: SSC by 15

No need for how’s and What’s on this one. Lest, coach Ato decides to rest his starting five, just cause. lol

Jose Rizal University Heavy Bombers versus Perpetual Help Altas

The Sports Minded: JRU by 16 points

After being overwhelmed by San Beda in their last outing in the first round, the Bombers just won’t allow two consecutive defeats.

KC13: JRU by double-figures

Depsite lackluster performances against the other top two teams , the Bombers are out to prove that they’re legit and guess what? Perpetual Help is not one of the two teams.

On Point: JRU by 10

Off-target the last time out, the Bombers look to re-focus and this time against the Altas. Well, bombs away. They just can’t afford another loss.

Stags sweep first-round by On Point
August 14, 2009, 6:41 pm
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Another day at the office.

San Sebastian hiked its winning streak to nine games with a hard-fought 77-74 victory over Letran in the last first round tiff of the 85th Season of the NCAA in the Flying V Arena in San Juan.

Ronald Pascual topscored with 17 points for the 9-0 Stags.

The Knights descended at 5-4 and now share the fourth spot with the Chiefs, who won their last first round assignment at the expense of the Cardinals in the first game.

End of the first round NCAA Friday (August 14) Predictions by _celestial
August 14, 2009, 12:44 am
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And I think we’re in for a treat from the solid contenders San Sebastian Stags and Letran Knights as they go head-to-head in the uhm, opening tiff, of tomorrow’s NCAA games!  Just when I felt the need for some Stags action, they’re given a tough competitor to boot. Lucky! :-)

Meanwhile, Arellano, who are closely knitted in the standings with 4-3, try to improve their bid for a final four slot as they take on the tailender Mapua Cardinals (1-7) in the ‘main event’ set at 4pm.

Anyway. The Stags, who are entrenched atop the heap with scorching eight straight wins, stake their clean slate against capable Knights (5-3), who–on the other hand–are gunning for their 6th win to stave off a possible two-way jam at fourth place with the Chiefs. That is if ‘Little Chief’ delivers again.


125px-Sscrlogo versus 125px-Knightslogo

The Sports Minded: Letran by five points.

Baste will end the first round with a loss in their column. I feel Letran will make a huge upset tomorrow. Jazul and Guevarra will both have their A-games.

KC13: San Sebastian by single digits.

Jimbo Aquino is playing probably the best basketball of his life and so are the Stags. Aquino will just be as unstoppable as usual, taking charge when he’s needed to. The Stags will wrap up the first round via sweep, they just need to keep their winning formula  intact like they have done so the last eight games.

On Point: San Sebastian by ten points.

Can the Knights hand the Stags their first setback of the Season? Don’t think so. MVP Jimbo Aquino, yep, he is the MVP of the league at this point of the season, will deliver once again and Pamboy Raymundo will too, and also Sanggalang and… never mind, coach Ato and his boys are just playing lights out basketball right now.

logo2 versus pr_1249311895_ArellanoChiefslogo

The Sports Minded: Arellano by 10.

Celano and Ciriacruz will be too much for MIT.

KC13: Arellano by 10.

Lest Mapua plays the brand of ball they did against the Stags, they can win this. But Arellano has been consistent lately with their consistent scorers (and them some), and they’re hungry to catch up with the top four teams in the standings.

On Point: Arellano by seven points.

The Chiefs will win, lest Kelvin Dela Pena will suit up for the Cardinals.  ‘The Little chief’ will play big once again. How about another 20 point output? Let’s see.


Sudan stars as Red Lions defuse Heavy Bombers; Baste remains unbeaten by thesportsminded

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Sudan!

In the much anticipated rematch of last year’s finalists,  the three time defending champion San Beda Red Lions dominated the Jose Rizal Heavy Bombers down the stretch to grab the solo second place with an impressive 96-81 triumph in the 85th season of the NCAA.

MVP candidate Sudan “Superman” Daniel delivered the goods for the Lions  the entire game. He fired 31 big points to fuel Beda’s inside attack as he pounded  The Bombers’ defense by scoring at will in the paint.

The game, as expected, went toe to toe in the majority of the first half  but as Daniel entered the game, the Lions quickly gained the upper hand to lead by eight at the half.

Meanwhile, after a lackluster first half, the Bombers stormed right back in the third with a telling run all the way to the early stages of the final canto. They even went on to grab a brief two-point lead early in the fourth. Unfortunately, they lost steam as there game went downhill as they let the Lions make run of their own- anchored by who else but, ‘Superman’- to finally put the game out of reach.

San Beda dominated the last eight minutes of the game and left no doubt to their supporters that they can still defend the title.

Sudan was just too much for the Bombers that every time he catches the ball down low, you what will happen, it’s all automatic. It’s all about the inside scoring of  Daniel. That’s the story of the game.

Triangle Offense predicted a close Beda win (I predicted it by five) but surprisingly they won by 15. They executed their game plan to perfection and most importantly they contained JRU’s leading scorer in John Wilson.

James Sena, Mark Cagoco, and Marvin Hayes all had decent games but the Bombers just couldn’t solve San Beda’s running game. They looked puzzled on how the Sudan show worked his way on the inside.

The Lions now occupies solo second behind league leading Stags with an 8-1 card as the Bombers fell to third at 7-2.

With this statement game for the Lions, they proved something to their critics—–they are looking FOURward. (ETA: I’m so sorry The Sports Minded, but it’s going to be San Sebastian’s year! :P KC13)


In the first game, Mapua surprisingly gave undefeated San Sebastian a run for their money. Many people thought the Stags would just walk through with this one but the Cardinals gave them all they can handle. That being said, the Stags still found a way to hold on for 77-74 win to remain unbeaten with an 8-0 slate.

Baste relied on usual suspect and scoring machine Jimbo Aquino in crunch time who dropped 22 points including a clutch jumper with over a minute left to push their lead to three.

Triangle Offense predicted a massacre for the Stags (I predicted Stags by 16) but the Cards instead showed up to fight.

The Stags will end their first round of play against the capable Letran Knights on Friday as they look to sweep the first round and avoid a first place tie with San Beda.

NCAA Monday (August 10) Predictions by _celestial
August 10, 2009, 1:08 am
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It’s NCAA Monday tomorrow! And the rematch of last year’s classic finals promises to give an intense and emotional tiff that will keep every fan at the edge of their seats with JRU Heavy Bombers (7-1) up against the San Beda Red Lions (7-1), featuring a bitter rivarly of coaches.


logo2 versus 125px-Sscrlogo

The Sports Minded: San Sebastian by 16 points.

No brainer unless some sort of intervention happens.

KC13: San Sebastian by double digits.

San Sebastian will enter the second round via sweep. Amen.

On Point: San Sebastian by 20

Do i really need to predict this one? Stags will roll on to their 8 game winning streak via romp. I’m more interested in knowing what coach Ato feed these guys. They’re just on a tear!

san beda red lions image courtesy of kenneth pangilinanversus 125px-JRU_Heavy_Bombers_logo

The Sports Minded: San Beda by five points

This is a toss coin and an evenly match affair. If Sudan plays his usual solid game and Beda’s wing players get going with their running game and outside shooting, Beda will take it. If Beda can’t stop John Wilson and James Sena, it will be JRU. No matter who wins, this rematch of last year’s finals will be close.

KC13: JRU by less than five points.

This will definitely be a close call. Both teams have the capability to explode with the amount of talent they have in their squad. But I do believe that if San Beda fails to guard JRU’s scorers well, it would kill them.

On Point: San Beda by 0.5

This will be a very tight contest with Beda surviving in the end. JRU’s just loaded with Wilson as their main man but, as a team I think the Lions are more composed down the stretch and they have more scoring options. Plus, they don’t have a Mark Cagoco-type player on their line up, who is just programmed to shoot, shoot and shoot no matter what.