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UAAP Sunday (August 30) Predictions by _celestial
August 30, 2009, 12:59 pm
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La Salle’s nothing short of heartbreaking, two-point setback to UE last night, 66-64, gives UST a good chance to prop up their semis bid as they take on the lowly NU  at the 2pm game.

Meanwhile, Ateneo positions itself to grab the twice-to-beat bonus as the Eagles square off with upstart Adamson, who, in return, hopes to boost their honestly flickering final four hopes with a much-needed win today.

As the Archers move to one game and a half behind Tigers in the standings following a four-game tailspin, UST needs to hurdle past today’s assignment to build cushion coming in to Thursday’s battle against La Salle. The winner of that game will virtually secure the coveted final spot in the semis.

Hopefully, I don’t jinx it.


UST_Growling_Tigers_logo versus NU_Bulldogs_logo

The Sports Minded: UST by 14 points.

The Tigers is in a must win situation here to put one foot on the final four. This should be a statement game for them. They should start showing what they are made off. They need to peak starting this game.

KC13: UST by  12 points.

It’s going to be the battle of the offensive strides since NU isn’t capable of tenacious D alike. UST will come firing on all cylinders and expect them to run the breaks. Catch them if you can, Bulldogs.

On Point: UST by 16 points.

The Bulldogs also play a fast pace game and that’s a no-no when you;re up against the Tigers, who are the number one offensive team in the league. NU got blown out in the first round ’cause they played UST’s game and look for another rout later.

blueeagle versus 125px-AdamsonFalcons

The Sports Minded: Ateneo by 12 points.

Ateneo are now reaching their unstoppable form. The fighting spirit of the Falcons might be dead after losing so many close games.

KC13: Ateneo by eight points.

Ateneo will kill any hopes left in Adamson with this win. Ateneo will dominate in the stretch as Adamson might succumb to another faltering endgame sickness, only if Adamson manages to stay close.

On Point: Ateneo by nine points.

The Falcons managed to come with in striking distance against the Eagles in the first round, where Coach Leo and his boys were still on a mission to get to the final four. Now, I don’t see the fire in Adamson anymore though I expect them to hang around early while Ateneo goes for the kill late in the game.


Ateneo, FEU look for easy W’s; UAAP August 27 (Thursday) Predictions by On Point
August 27, 2009, 2:35 am
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Top seed Ateneo Blue Eagles and the Far Eastern University Tamaraws will look to solidify their contention for the twice-to-beat advantage come final four when they face the National University Bulldogs and the Adamson Falcons respectively.

Ateneo (9-1), the only team yet to be assured of a final four seat, will battle listless National U (2-8) in the main event at 4pm while second seed Far Eastern U (8-2) , who’s eight game winning streak was snapped by Univ. of the East in its last game, will try to avoid another sleazy stint against the upstart Adamson (3-7) in the first game scheduled at 2pm.

A victory by the Tamaraws will finally earn them a berth to the final four.


thesportsminded: FEU by five points

In the first round, FEU narrowly escaped the Falcons. I see this battle being close as well. After an upset defeat in the hands of UE last Sunday, Coach Glenn Capacio won’t allow another.

KC13: FEU by nine points

Seeing how Adamson managed to rise up from their first round debacle, another upset to further derail FEU’s semis bid could be possible. However, considering FEU’s eagerness to seal the deal and the fact that Aldrech Ramos had a subpar performance their last meaning, Coach Leo Austria’s troop might need to double the effort if they want to win.

On Point: FEU by 10 points

throw out the first round result where the Tamaraws barely won. the Tams got crushed in their last game, they just won’t allow another one. Both of these teams love to play slow, both focus on their halfcourt sets but with FEU having the more potent offense and better defense, this game will be out of reach come second half.

blueeagleversus NU_Bulldogs_logo

thesportsminded: Ateneo by 18 points

What the hell?!

KC13: Ateneo by 15 points

Ateneo will win over NU. But anything can still happen. UP has proven so against La Salle and Ateneo. Ateneo wouldn’t want another sorry loss.

On Point: Ateneo by 16 points

Here’s the analogy: UP won over Ateneo while, NU beat UP. So which means NU can also beat Ateneo given the scenario? Not really, lest bad officiating and injuries. Why so? ’cause NU just doesn’t have the firepower to do so. Ateneo, with its man power, can easily defend NU, who certainly lacks players who can score.

Ateneo will win over NU. But anything can still happen. UP has proven so against La Salle and Ateneo. Ateneo wouldn’t want another sorry loss.
On Point: Ateneo by 16
Here’s the analogy: UP won over Ateneo while, NU beat UP. So which means NU can also beat Ateneo given the odd scenarios happened? Not really, lest bad officiating and injuries. Why so? ’cause NU just doesn’t have the firepower to do so. Ateneo, with its man power, can easily defend NU, who certainly lacks players who can score.

San Sebastian, San Beda outduel foes; UAAP Saturday (August 22) Predictions by _celestial
August 22, 2009, 12:20 am
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San Sebastian zoomed to its 11th straight win while San Beda busted out of a slow start to notch the hardfought W in the NCAA games today.

The Stags, led by Jimbo Aquino’s 18-point peformance, remain at helm after they dealt another sorry defeat to the Perpetual Help Altas 80-70, following the 76-54 drubbing last July 23. Carl Abueva added 16 for San Sebastian.

The Lions, meanwhile, remain in close second behind San Sebastian after trouncing the Mapua Cardinals, 84-75. Thanks to Pascual’s stellar second half performance, finishing with 19 points.

On to tomorrow’s UAAP game predictions.

NU_Bulldogs_logoversus 125px-AdamsonFalcons

The Sports Minded: Adamson by seven points.

Falcons will bounce back this time against the Bulldogs. No upset this time around.

KC13: NU by five points.

It’s hard to predict when you know both teams are trying so hard to stay afloat especially in this crucial part of the season. Knowing that both teams have the capability to explode, it will definitely boil down to who excecutes their plays well.

On Point: Adamson by six points.

Falcons over Bulldogs especially when Adamson just came from a big win over La Salle while NU continues to struggle.

post-18-1090300055versus greenarchers

The Sports Minded: La Salle by eight points.

This is tough, three straight defeat for Franz and the gang but UP is a capable opponent. Pumaren won’t lose four in a row. If La Salle lose this one, they can kiss the final four goodbye.

KC13: La Salle by 10 points.

La Salle needs toughen up on the defensive end knowing how capable UP is, especially its shooters. The Archers desperately need to win this one to stay in contention, and something tells me Coach Franz Pumaren will not allow the boys to just lose it like that—not on his watch.

On Point: UP by five points.

Don’t hate on me when I say UP will win over DLSU this time around, Why? ’cause the Archers are just off-target as of late; they play inconsistent basketball. Meanwhile, the Maroons have the guns to fire off an upset. They are pesky on defense and streaky on offense, their big problem though, is turnovers, silly TO’s. You can limit turnovers but never inconsistency– it’s a disease.

Falcons, Eagles claw foes by On Point
August 14, 2009, 12:42 am
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Heartbreak kids no more.

Adamson this time played the heartbreaker role as they toppled La Salle, 61-55, yesterday at the start of the second round of the 72nd Season of the UAAP at the Big Dome.

The Falcons, led by as much as 16 points as they limit the Archers’ offense to an abysmal 20% shooting from the two point area including a shameful four point total in the opening period.

La Salle’s veteran big three of James Mangahas, Bader Malabes and PeeJay Barua did another disappearing act that left multi-titled coach Franz Pumaren searching for offense.

Meanwhile, Reigning MVP Rabeh Al-Hussaini shook off a sprained ankle to post a season-best 30 points as he led Ateneo past University of the East, 80-75.

Al-Hussaini, who suffered a minor injury on their last game, took care of business as he pounded the Llagas-less Warriors in the paint with 12 boards.

The Eagles stay in first place-tie with the Tams at 7-1 while, the Warriors and the Archers share seats at fourth place with a 4-4 ledger.

“Petiks” UAAP Saturday by _celestial
August 8, 2009, 1:14 pm
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Well, it’s actually not.

I could have slept on both games today, but thank God I didn’t because watching today actually gave me a worthwhile Saturday while it was violently windy outside and the classes our suspended in our University.

The Adamson Falcons are now dubbed as the Adamson Heartbreak Kids, suffering another close loss, this time over National University Bulldogs. It’s becoming a trend, these seriously heartbreaking losses.

Adamson is a good team. They have always been projected to enter the final four or at least be one of the serious contenders to get into the semis. I closely watched them during the pre-season tournament and they actually have a lot of talent. (I particularly like Jeric Canada and his guts. You know, pointguards.)

So, what’s wrong with them? Well, I won’t dare go to the nitty gritty of the coaching and offensive/defensive sets, I will leave my boy men colleagues dig into that. (It’s a girl thing. LOL) They just always lack fuel come crunch time. They always falter in the end game, especially in those crucial possessions (mostly under two minutes) where they usually need to up their game. They always fail to execute supposed-game winner offensive sets, either ending up 1) in overtime, which they would lose eventually, or 2) losing flat out at the buzzer. Pick your poison.

I like Adamson and Coach Leo Austria. I just hope they get out of the whammy soon. It’s the second round!

In the second game, University of Santo Tomas Tigers escaped what-could-have-been a heartbreaking loss over the surprising UP Fighting Maroons (But what’s with the black jersey?), 75-85. Don’t be deceived by the double digit lead in the final score. Four of which came from Jerica Fortuna’s trip to the line in the winding seconds. This is actually a very hard fought win for the Tigers.

The UAAP Big Three (It’s too premature for that monicker, but blah, I’m biased. LOL). Rookie Jeric Teng, top MVP candidate Dylan Ababou and Khasim Mirza posted 22, 23, 22 points respectively in today’s match, making UST the first team to have three players with 20+ points in a single game this season.

But it was Mirza’s dagger trey that sealed the win for UST. It gave them a six-point cushion entering the last minute of the contest. If not for that three point shot over Woody Co (Hah! I’ve been itching to put his name in this entry), UP could have had a good look at a win.

The Maroons held the lead all through out the ball game. Which was not totally suprising, considering that UST’s game has completely gone haywire  the last two outings and that UP’s game is actually getting better. UP was lucky that even their improbable shots came through, plus UST was seriously unlucky when it came to the long bounces.

However, I knew UST was going to come to their senses sooner or later. Their shooters just needed some good nudging. And I was right. And UP was playing UST’s game (high scoring). Those things always come as an advantage.

According to Coach Pido Jarencio, we should expect a new UST team come second round. He said that they were like a “computer that was being constantly reformatted,” in the first round. That’s good news for them. They actually have a legit chance of getting into the Final Four (realistic chances). I guess he already found a way for his boys to D up. They’re giving away too much points to the enemies. It ain’t Christmas yet, Coach. :)

P.S. I still think Jeric Teng will with Rookie of the Year. Anyone who agrees with me, say aye! That kid is wild!

Tomorrow is “Rivarly Sunday” for the UAAP! Wait for Triangle Offense’s three-way predictions!